Who Is A Good Coach?

A GOOD Coach:

  • Creates a supportive presence
  • Creates and Maintains Rapport and Awareness
  • Is Skilled in Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Is an Effective Listener
  • Has Effective questioning skills
  • Motivates people to set goals that are a stretch
  • Has the Ability to challenge
  • Is supportive during psychological state change
  • Is Open minded, Non Judgmental and has No Preconceptions
  • Encourages constructive and open conversions
  • Accepts differences
  • Is respectful of others
  • Builds a comfortable environment for interaction, disclosure and communication
  • Shares views, facts and information in a non-threatening manner
  • Concentrates on change and learning
  • Enjoys strengthening and empowering others
  • Maintains high expectations and performance standards
  • Unleashes motivation and creativity.

“A coach must be able to provide a good working definition of coaching and articulate the difference between coaching and psychotherapy”. – Bruce Peltier

Coaching is a critical self-directing intervention that unlocks, empowers and enhances an individual’s potential, wellbeing, growth, performance and personal learning.

Coaching is the practice of helping people make decisions, commit to actions, and produce results.

Coaching helps people move from where they are now, to where they want to be… and to do this more quickly and effectively than if they acted alone.

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