1. Must have completed the life coaching or another aspect of coaching, therapy or psychology training from an Accredited Coaching, psychology, therapy etc training program from an Accredited Coaching Training Program or a program recognized by the LCAN board with a practicing certificate as proof
  2. Should have completed a coaching profession developmental course recognized by LCAN board.
  3. Should have completed 30 hours of coaching
  4. Completed and submitted the LCAN e-log book as proof of the 7-10 hours of coaching
  5. Must take the one on one coaching test and score and average of 3 on the LCAN competency test.
  6. Membership admission fee N10, 000.
  7. Annual subscription fee of N15, 000.

Benefits of Membership

  1. Free Access to coaching tools online (10 tools per month)
  2. 15% discount on all coaching tools to be bought
  3. 15% Discounted registration fee for LCAN national and international affiliate events which provide opportunities for networking and professional development
  4. Members will be able to connect with one another and share ideas by engaging with LCAN’s social media communities on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  5. LCAN staff will help members, enhance awareness of coaching and ensure the integrity of the profession. Staff also monitors potential and pending regulatory actions, providing support as needed.
  6. Members can use the LCAN logo on their websites, in email communications, and on stationery items.
  7. Members are accredited and recognized under the LCAN
  8. Members will be supported by LCAN staff on professional development and carving out their niche in the coaching profession.