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Life (General Coaching), Business, Executive & Leadership, Performance & Productivity, Other

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Emotional Intelligence Coaching

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Enahoro Okhae is the Managing Director of Pause Factory ( a West African Partner to 6 Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network (USA).
He is also the Co-Founder of GlobalCerts and Strategy; (a Nigerian Delivery Partner for The KPI Institute Australia.)
He is the founder of Simeon’s Pivot Resources; a leading Human Resource and Management Consulting Firm whose focus is on Performance Improvement and he is the President of the Life Coaches Association of Nigeria (LCAN)
Enahoro sustain an unwavering commitment to magnifying man’s limited efforts in today’s workplace, business and life. Enahoro’s overarching purpose in life is to give individuals and organizations the leverage they need to get to their destination irrespective of where they are.  He consistently achieve this goal through Life/Business Coaching, Training Organizational Restructuring, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Scenario Planning, and other Human Resource Solutions.

Academics, Certification: and Associations

·Certified Management Consulting by the Institute of management Consultant
·Fellow of the Institute of Management Consulting
·Certified John Maxwell Leadership Trainer
·Certified Life Coach
·Licensed and Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner by 6 Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, America)
·Certified Emotional Intelligence Assessor by 6 Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, America
·Advanced Emotional Intelligence Facilitator
·Certified Vital Sign Consultant
·Certified KPI Professional (The KPI Institute Australia)
·Certified KPI Practitioner (The KPI Institute Australia)
·Lagos Network Leader for 6 Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, America

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