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Izefua is a Parent Educator, Wellbeing Teacher and Positive Psychology Coach. She is the founder of WholeHuman, an organisation that explores and promotes the science and practice of wellbeing for optimal human functioning and masterful living.

With nearly two decades of practice experience and , Izefua trained as an Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner and Positive Psychology Coach at The Flourishing Center, New York USA, a Life Coach at Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy and is a licensed Emotional Intelligence Practitioner by the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network USA. She is a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and possesses additional certifications in Neuro-Liguistic Programming and Mindfulness.

Prior to WholeHuman, Izefua worked until 2012 as Dean of Faculty at the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy, and was the host of The Parents Talk on City FM, Lagos.

Earlier on in her career, she worked as a commercial transactional lawyer at leading Nigerian Law firms and is now blending her rigorous training and analytical legal skills with the science of positive psychology and related interventions to facilitate wellbeing and flourishing for all.

She is the co-creator of Teen Flourishing; a series of science based interventions that support parents and teens to build resiliency skills for optimal wellbeing; and continues to feature in multiple TV and Radio programs, strengthening the global discourse on parenting, wellbeing, strengths and flourishing.

Her coaching practice honours equal partnership between coach and client, is evidence based, solution focused working with clients strengths. She believes her clients are creative, resourceful and whole and works with and comfortably through the full range of human emotions. Her clients say they feel comfortable being themselves while experiencing change and deep transformation into their desired way of being through her sessions.

Izefua’s over aching purpose is to “improve quality and experience of life” from cradle to adult life.

She loves to write poetry for leisure.


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