Benefits of Coaching

A Fortune 500 telecommunications firm reported a ROI of 529% based on survey of 43 leadership development participants. They also found the financial benefits from increased retention raised the overall ROI to 788%.

“Employers are shocked at how high their ROI numbers are from Coaching. He recalls a large employer in the hospitality industry saved between $30 million and $60 million by Coaching its top 200 executives”.
– Alastair Robertson, Manager Accenture

Various studies have found companies that provided Coaching to Executives and Key staff improvements in the following:

53% improvement in Productivity
48% improvement in Quality
48% improvement in Organizational strength
39% improvement in Customer service

Customer complaints reduced by 34%
Costs reduced by 23%
Bottom-line profitability improved by 22%
Working relationships with direct reports improved by 77%
Working relationships with immediate supervisors improved by 71%
Teamwork improved by 67%
Working relationships with peers improved by 63%
Job satisfaction improved by 61%
Conflicts reduced by 52%
Organizational commitment improved by 44%
Working relationships with clients improved by 37%

According to the International Coach Federation (ICF), clients typically seek help with:
Time management coaching (81% of the time)
Career coaching (74% of the time)
Business strategy and coaching (74% of the time)
Self-awareness coaching (68% of the time )
Smarter goal setting (62% of the time )
Work / Life balance (62% of the time )
Stress management and wellness coaching (57% of the time )
Self-confidence (52% of the time )

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