ACW 2021

Coaching: A Tool for National Confidence

Join coaches, career professionals and business leaders from across Africa at these practical and insightful panel sessions.

The issue of patriotism is both delicate and controversial, especially because there are many gaps to fill as to whether one should be patriotic especially to a nation like Nigeria. Join us as we explore why patriotism is a tool for national confidence and personal growth. 


  • JJ Omojuwa
  • Vimbai Mutinhiri
  • Stephanie Kadiri “StephREDD” 

Many of us shy away from politics and governance but these are the critical discussions that affect us directly as individuals and collectively as a people to shape our society.

What does governance mean? What are our roles and powers as citizens? How do we develop the ability to solve problems and make the right decisions in the current socio-economic and political climes that affect us all in our personal and professional lives? Join the conversation. 


  • Dr. Pearl Kupe
  • Winihin Jemide
  • Anto Lecky

Studies show that business plays a crucial role in national development – improving individual creativity, economic participation, and socio-cultural roles in society. We cannot talk about building national confidence without exploring the role of business in achieving this.

Join us as we bring some of the continent’s best business minds to discuss today’s business landscape, how national issues affect business and what everyone should know now especially after a major disruption like the covid-19 pandemic.  


  • Iyin Aboyeji
  • Moliehi Molekoa
  • Chidi Ajaere
  • Angela Ajala

4:00pm Daily

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